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Spider Exterminators - Removal - Control

While most spiders typically do more good than harm, no one wants them taking over their property! Spiders strike fear in the hearts of many people, which is why our exterminators provide spider pest control services to keep you and your family safe.
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Spider Removal Services

No matter where you live or work, there are likely endless spots for these eight-legged creatures to hide. The spider pest control team at Western Exterminator, formerly Pratt Pest knows how to identify spiders that may be in your property, and has the experience necessary to remove them promptly and effectively.

Spider exterminator and pest control in Everett WA and Mount Vernon WA - Western Exterminator, formerly Pratt Pest

Spider Pest Control Process

Seeing just one or two spiders in your home is one thing, but seeing multiple every day is often an indicator of a larger infestation. Our spider removal specialists will:

  • Identify the type of spider(s) in your property.
  • Conduct a full property inspection that includes the yard, attached and detached structures, driveway, and home.
  • Directly treat spider nests outside of your foundation to protect your home during the warmer months.
  • Physically remove webs from the outside and inside of your home.
  • Seal small common entry points if they are contributing to the infestation.
  • Place sticky traps on the interior to monitor activity.
  • Create a full spider removal report describing the treatment and how you can protect your home from further infestations.
Spider exterminator and pest control in Everett WA and Mount Vernon WA - Western Exterminator, formerly Pratt Pest

When to Call for Spider Removal 

As scary as they look, most spiders are completely harmless. However, there are a few that, if seen, require the help of a spider exterminator to remove. The three types to keep an eye out for include:

  1. Black widow: Commonly found in the southern United States, these easily identifiable spiders are also found in Washington. With a red hourglass shape on their abdomen, female black widows can be aggressive if directly threatened.
  2. Hobo spider: These aggressive house spiders are commonly found in dark hidden areas in or around the home. They’re best identified by their funnel-shaped webs and, while they prefer to not cross paths with humans, may bite when directly threatened.
  3. Brown recluse spider: These feared spiders are not native to the Pacific Northwest; if they are seen, it’s likely they hitched a ride from somewhere else. Brown recluses will bite if threatened, which can cause a stinging sensation and intense pain.

Reliable Spider Exterminators

Although most spiders are actually beneficial in keeping other pest populations under control, no one wants them overrunning their commercial or residential property. Especially when it comes to poisonous types, spider removal requires the help of a spider pest control company.

Western Exterminator, formerly Pratt Pest has more than 25 years of experience protecting residential and commercial properties from pests of all kinds. Call our team today to learn about our spider removal services!

Spider Exterminators – Removal – Control in Everett WA and Snohomish

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