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“Alex goes above and beyond. He works with us to solve our pest problems with the latest being ants. He got to the source and helped solve the problem. We were with another company prior and did we ever get the wrong diagnostic! Alex is professional and extremely knowledgeable and gets it right to take care of problems. Thanks!”

Julie in Bellevue

“We first used Pratt when my mother-in-law on Camano Island had an infestation of wood ants in her attic. They cleaned that out and have prevented further infestations. We live in Woodinville and when we found that rats had gotten into our crawl space, we called Pratt and were happy to hear we were on the edge of their service area. They came out and took care of the entry points and set traps outside. We're no longer bothered by vermin.”

Doug in Woodinville

““They are an amazing company with a strong commitment to customer service and the resident experience. I am a landlord that used there services to help a tenant with an ant problem and they where helpful, efficient, quick to respond, and honest! You are making the right choice!””

Joshua in Bellevue

““Pratt Pest Management had excellent customer service. They went above and beyond for us. I am completely happy and thrilled with them. I would recommend them to anyone.””

Lori in Mt. Vernon

““This was my first experience with Pratt Pest Management. I found them to be thorough. They went over and above when looking at the issues with my home, and I appreciated that. Pratt had reasonable pricing.””

Penny in Woodinville

“We've been using Pratt Pest Management NW for fifteen years for pest control and we're very glad to have them. They treat our attic, yard, and deck and they're very good.
They come in the winter when the mice come and do a good job of keeping them at bay. I would highly recommend Pratt Pest Management because they keep our home pest free and always provide us with friendly service.”

Marie in Camano

“Wonderful people who treat you like family! Anthony is a dream!”

Larry & Nancy K in Camano

“We had a dead rat under the house and we couldn't find it, and the smell was coming into the house. It was terrible! We called Pratt Pest Management and they sent this young man out, and he went under the house and found it right away. He showed me where it was coming from and how it got in, and helped me fix whatever the problem was. We were very happy with him!”

Mike in Camano

“My experience with Pratt has been totally positive. For this area and climate, they do this very necessary service and go the extra mile to keep on top of the mice/ rat situation. Thank you!”

Megan in Camano

“I'm very pleased with Pratt Pest Management. They were very polite and good at they jobs. They did exactly what I needed to be done.”

Robert in Stanwood

““We are very pleased with this pest control service and all the staff at Pratt Pest Management. From their quick response to email questions to prompt and professional on-site staff, they strive to provide quality service and advice specific to our needs at a reasonable price. We highly recommend Pratt Pest Management.””

Sue in Camano