Wood Boring Beetles

Common to the Pacific Northwest, Wood Boring Beetles may cause serious damage to structures.

Anobiids, commonly referred to as Powder Post Beetles or Deathwatch Beetles, are the most common Wood Destroying Beetle in our region. They typically infest softwoods such as fir. Since they require the moisture content of the wood to exceed 14 %, Anobiids are generally found infesting sub-area crawl spaces with inadequate ventilation. They have a complete life cycle of egg, larvae, pupae and adult. The adults are tiny black or reddish- brown and are rarely seen. It is the larvae that create damage as they bore through the wood leaving behind a fine sawdust known as frass. The larvae will eventually move towards the exterior surface to pupate. When adults emerge, they exit the wood producing a small circular shot hole. Evidence of these shot holes indicates a possible infestation. Adults then lay an egg on the surface, and the cycle continues. Over time Anobiids can cause severe damage, which jeopardizes the structural integrity of structures.


One option is to physically remove all infested wood and replace. This is generally only practical for small, isolated infestations.

The treatment we typically recommend is surface treating with borate. Borates will provide permanent protection to the treated wood if performed properly.

We take special care to assure the product is mixed and applied per manufactures specifications to assure long term and effective results.
In addition to treating the wood, these cultural controls should also be implemented for best results.

  • Increase ventilation, and install vapor barrier to soil surface as needed.
  • Install drainpipe and/or sump pumps to eliminate seasonal, standing water.
  • Remove all earth-wood contact, scrap lumber, and form boards from crawl areas.
  • Excavate soil, if needed, to provide adequate clearance between soil and wood.