Pest Exclusion

Protect your home and health by sealing out unwanted critters.

Many residential homes are equipped with sub-area crawlspace doors that are inadequate in preventing unwanted pests such as rats, mice, cats, other nuisance wildlife and insects. We have developed an inexpensive solution that includes building a secure, tight fitting panel to the existing access.

Typically the design includes the installation of 2×6 or 2×4 treated lumber around the opening, sealing it to the concrete edge, and adding a treated sheet of plywood, fastened with galvanized screws or wing nuts.
The approximate cost for the average home starts at $189.95.

At Pratt Pest Management we understand there is a fine balance between protecting your family, health and property and protecting the natural environment.

Combining pest exclusion with the precision application of traps, baits and low environmental impact materials will provide long term pest solutions for your home and business.
In line with our green Enviro-Smart approach we include pest exclusion as part of our pest management strategy.

Our pest exclusion service includes:

  • Sealing crawl space access against rodents and nuisance animals.
  • Sealing small holes and cracks around pipes, windows, and siding.
  • Fixing vent screens and chimney caps.
  • Removing tree limbs from roofs.
  • Removing harborage areas around your property.

The following video illustrates the need to seal your crawl space access.