Four Season Protection

We have designed a General Pest Program that is effective against common pests, is environmentally responsible, and provides great value to the customer

Here is what you can expect from us.

A licensed technician will inspect and perform the appropriate treatment to the exterior of your property spring, summer, and fall. In winter we will inspect and treat crawl spaces and attics to prevent future infestations
A typical treatment will include:

Apply Enviro-Smart pest prevention barrier Spring, Summer and Fall to eliminate and prevent crawling insects and spiders.
Monitor and reduce exterior rodent population using advanced rodenticide technology and tamper resistant stations to protect non-target organisms.
Remove spider webs from roof lines up to a height of 15 feet.
Annual Winter inspection and treatment of Crawl Spaces and Attics to eliminate over wintering pests. We also identify costly structural defects such as leaking pipes, damaged ducts, rot and conditions conducive to pests and structural damage.

Our winter service is designed to control pests that over winter as adults in attics and crawl spaces as well as provide long term prevention against destructive wood destroying organisms. This annual inspection is valuable for observing and reporting conducive conditions for pests and moisture related problems such as: leaking water pipes, disconnected heating ducts, poor ventilation, structural damage and more. This service that normally exceeds $200.00 is included to our General Prevention Customers for only the cost of a regular quarterly service.

The winter treatment includes:

  • An inspection and residual treatment of sub-area crawl spaces, basements and roof voids.
  • Installation of rodent bait and traps as needed.
  • Treatment to interior entry points such as around plumbing fixtures.
  • Minor caulking and pest proofing as needed.