Bird Control

When it comes to bird control the licensed contractor professionals at Pratt Pest Management is the smart choice for workmanship, system design and customer service.

Our non-lethal approach will eliminate or significantly reduce bird damage from your home or business.
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Birds, Droppings and Nests Carry and Spread Diseases. They are responsible for respiratory ailments, viral infections and food poisoning. Microscopic bacteria and odors can easily enter any building if droppings are allowed to accumulate on or near air conditioning systems.

Droppings and Nests Host Parasites. Most birds and their nests host parasites like ticks, fleas and mites which act as vectors and spread bird diseases directly to humans and animals.

Physical Damage Caused by Birds Costs Millions of Dollars Each Year. Bird droppings are very acidic and can easily eat through metal, paint, fabric, roofing material, plastic, and other very solid substrates. Heavy concentrations of bird droppings will cut the life expectancy of a tarred roof in half. Droppings cause unsightly stains on exterior walls that can be expensive and difficult to remove.