Western Exterminator, formerly Pratt Pest provides weed control services in Everett WA, Marysville WA, and Mount Vernon WA.

Weeds are infamous for conquering landscapes and lawns of all types. When not taken care of in a timely and proper manner, weeds can quickly overtake and kill large sections of your lawn.

At Western Exterminator, formerly Pratt Pest, we go the extra mile to make sure weeds don’t seize control of your beautiful green grass through a couple of uniquely effective methods.

We believe that the key to effective lawn weed control is to eliminate invasive plants without harming the grass surrounding it. When you enlist our help, our technicians will not only rid your yard of ugly weeds but also promote healthy lawn growth in your residential or commercial property.

Why Weeds Grow

By definition, a weed is technically any wild plant that grows in a location that is not desired. What makes weeds such a threat is the fact that they’re opportunistic and can grow any time and anywhere. The seeds produced by weeds spread easily, which is why weeds can take over a landscape rather rapidly. Several conditions encourage weeds to multiply more rapidly, including:

  • Diseased spots: Brown or bare spots created by disease or fungus in a lawn can create an opportunity for weeds to thrive.
  • Heavy traffic: If your lawn experiences heavy traffic from kids or pets, the grass can become damaged or thinner, which allows weeds to grow in.
  • Drought: Weather conditions such as drought can cause damage to a lawn, encouraging weeds to grow.
  • Insect infestations: If insects feed on your lawn and render it unhealthy, weeds will likely appear.
  • Over-watering: While proper watering prevents weed growth, over-watering can promote weed growth in specific lawns.

Our Lawn Weed Control Solutions

Trying to get rid of weeds yourself can be time-consuming and ineffective if you’re unsure what type of weed you’re dealing with. Our plant health specialists know what specific treatments will work for different types of weeds as well as how to apply them effectively and strategically. In addition, we provide two weed control methods:

  • Bare Ground Program: In this method, we apply non-selective and/or pre-emergence weed control to driveways, right of ways, walkways, parking lots, industrial sites, etc. to provide long-lasting and vegetation-free surfaces. We recommend at least two treatments annually.
  • Plant Bed Program: Designed to reduce the need for hand-pulling the many common annual and perennial weed species, this is a pre-emergence weed control that is applied to plant beds and landscaped areas. Greater frequency means greater control, which is why we recommend at least two treatments annually.

Professional Weed Control Lawn Service

Weeds are notorious for being able to thrive under even the most challenging conditions, and getting rid of them completely can prove difficult. It’s crucial to have a professional handle the weeds in your yard in order to ensure no new weeds germinate after removing existing ones. Whether you have weeds you need to control or wish to protect your landscape from future ones, call the experts at Western Exterminator today!

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