Western Exterminator, formerly Pratt Pest provides lawn insect control in Everett WA, Marysville WA, and Mount Vernon WA.

Proper lawn care entails a lot more than fertilization and regular maintenance. Lawn pest and lawn insect control is a crucial part of keeping your lawn looking its best throughout the entire year.

This is best achieved by receiving regular services from a pest control company that uses a safe approach in eliminating lawn insects and other unwanted pests from ruining your lawn.

At Western Exterminator, formerly Pratt Pest, we have the unique experience of being experts in both lawn care and pest control services, making us exceptionally suited to exterminate any insects that may be threatening your lawn.

Common Lawn Insects

When people think of pest control, they assume pests in residential or commercial buildings. However, pests and insects often find their ideal environment right in your front yard. Shrubs are especially susceptible to pests and insects, the most common of which include:

  • Grubs (beetle larvae): White grubs feed on the grass roots that lie just below the soil’s surface.
  • Chinch bug: Different types of chinch bugs attack various types of grass by sucking on blades.
  • Sod webworm: These eat grass blades and entire stems.
  • Armyworm: In addition to eating blades and stems, armyworms skeletonize leaves on other plants as well.
  • Cutworm: These nocturnal worms emerge at night to feed on entire stems.

How to Prevent Lawn Insects

There are a number of things that may make your lawn more susceptible to insects throughout the year. Even when you keep your lawn as healthy as possible, insects can still take over and destroy your hard work. Several things that may help reduce the risk of lawn insects include:

  • Removing areas of standing water. Excess moisture attracts pests and insects of all kinds.
  • Picking up debris or clutter. Piles of foliage and stored items in the yard provide shelter for insects.
  • Keeping lawns tidy and trimmed. Unruly grass, weeds, and shrubs are attractive to insects.
  • Investing in professional pest control services! An expert knows exactly how to protect your lawn from insects.

Lawn Insect Treatment

Although there may be many insect sprays, they simply do not hold up in protecting your lawn throughout the entire year. A professional pest control company such as Western Exterminator knows how to use the most effective treatment to control current insects as well as prevent new ones.

To learn more about our lawn insect control services, give our team a call today!

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