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Fleas aren’t just a nuisance for your pets. These parasitic insects target your dogs and cats and once they’re in your home, they can be very difficult to get rid of. Here at Western Exterminator, our flea exterminator team knows how frustrating these pests are. We are happy to provide long-lasting, reliable flea removal services to our communities.

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The Dangers of Fleas

If you have cats or dogs that spend a lot of time outside, chances are you’ve dealt with fleas at some point. We all know fleas are a nuisance and difficult to control, but do they pose a threat to you or your family? In general, fleas are just a nuisance and cause discomfort from their bites. Flea-borne disease is rare. However, they have been linked to the plague, typhus, and other diseases worldwide. Fleas can contribute to allergies for both people and pets, and they may also transmit parasites. 

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How to Check for Fleas

In order to avoid a flea problem, it’s important to know how to recognize their presence:

  1. Strange pet behavior. Excessive scratching, reddened skin, hair loss, pale gums, and welts or bumps from bites all point to flea problems.
  2. Adult fleas. Fleas are just ⅛” and reddish-brown in color. On your pet, they look like dot-like bugs hidden in the hind legs, head, or neck.
  3. Flea dirt. Flea feces (called flea dirt) looks similar to coarse black pepper.
  4. Flea larvae or eggs. Larvae look like minuscule white worms that are about 2-5 mm long with pale hairs covering their bodies.
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Flea Control Tips & Tricks

Whether you have fleas in your home or want to prevent them, here are our top prevention tips:

  1. Take your pets to the vet. Flea control products can safeguard your cats and dogs from fleas, which will effectively keep them out of your home.
  2. Prevent nuisance wildlife. Raccoons, opossums, deer, cattle, foxes, and skunks can all carry fleas and deposit flea eggs and larvae into your yard.
  3. Wash bedding frequently. Run your pet’s bedding, laundry, sheets, and more through a hot wash.
  4. Vacuum your home thoroughly. Vacuum all areas of the home including upholstery, and always carefully dispose of vacuum bags.

When to Call in Flea Exterminators

Fleas can be a pesky pest to completely get rid of. Your local flea exterminators are an invaluable source for assistance! At Western Exterminator, we know that a flea problem can seem never-ending. We also know the safety of your family (pets included) are your top priority. Our flea removal experts will work with you to ensure all signs of fleas in your property are gone—and stay gone. Contact us today to learn more about how flea control works.

Flea Exterminators – Control – Removal in Everett WA and Snohomish

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