Stored Products Pest Control

Of all pests, Stored Product Pests or Pantry Pests provide significant challenges for Food Processors, Warehouses, Schools, Medical Facilities as well as Home Owners. There are hundreds of species of insects that create economic harm and health concerns by infesting our food supply, fabric and paper products. Each Stored Product Pest has unique food preferences, environmental needs, and life cycles often requiring specialized products and techniques for their elimination and control. Therefore proper identification of Stored Product Pests is required in order to develop a proper pest management plan.

Common Stored Product Pests and Pantry Pests encountered in the Pacific Northwest include: Cigarette Beetles, Flour Beetles, Drugstore Beetles, Saw-Toothed Grain Beetles, Carpet Beetles, Indian Meal Moths, Mediterranean Flour Moths, Psocids, and a variety of Mites.

Pratt Pest Management Northwest employs two graduate entomologist with over 50 years combined experience in the Pest Control Industry to assist in the identification and development of science based protocols for the elimination and prevention of Stored Product Pests.

Pratt Pest Managements protocols for the elimination and prevention of Stored Product Pests includes pheromone trapping and monitoring, sanitation, environmental and cultural modification and education as well as the careful and proper use of E.P.A. registered insecticides.