Rodent Elimination

At Pratt Pest Management Northwest We Take Rodents Seriously!

Here is what you may expect from us.

  • A thorough inspection of the interior and exterior of the structure.
    Well placed traps to the sub-area, attic, and interior of the structure as needed and as appropriate for the situation.
  • Sealing or pest proofing of entry points. In some severe cases it may require hiring a professional contractor.
  • Localized decontamination as needed. Decontamination of large areas such as entire attics and crawl spaces may require an additional service charge. Please ask your technician for details.
  • Installation of proper rodent baits within tamper- resistant bait containers. In addition, your technician may recommend cultural changes to your property that should be performed to reduce favorable habitat for rodents.

A typical treatment program will include an initial service visit that includes a follow up visit in 1-2 weeks. Upon completion of the initial treatment, one or more additional monthly visits will generally be scheduled to assure complete elimination. As with our other programs, your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

  • Rats and mice spread disease, damage structures, and contaminate our food supply.
  • Their persistent gnawing damages electrical wires, resulting in fires.
  • A single rodent sighting may cause substantial lost income for businesses due to reduced customer confidence.
  • Don’t settle for less. Choose the dedicated professionals at Pratt Pest Management for rodent elimination and control.

Before choosing a low rate pest control company that will toss a handful of poison under your house and call it a service, please view the video on our pest exclusion page. Not all pest control companies are alike.