Fly Control

Flies spread more disease than any other pest that plagues us resulting in millions of cases of illness and death each year. Their habit of feeding on decaying organic matter including feces and carcasses, then helping themselves to our food is a perfect storm of disease vectoring.

Besides the obvious health concerns excessive fly populations at Restaurants, Health Care Facilities, Schools, Offices and Retail establishments reduces the public’s confidence resulting in loss business income.

Pratt Pest Management employs one of the leading fly experts in the United States to assist you in developing a fly abatement program for your business or home.

Whether the issue is House Flies, Filth Flies, Cluster Flies, Blow Flies or Drain Flies the experts at Pratt Pest Management will provide fast relief and long term control for any type of fly problem.

Pratt Pest Management NW uses an Integrated Pest Management approach to fly control utilizing multiple techniques in the design of the program including:

  • Locating and eliminating breeding sites.
  • Cultural and environmental modifications to reduce the attractiveness of your structure for flies.
  • Determining and excluding entry points.
  • Rapid elimination of flies entering buildings using non-toxic methods and specialized E.P.A. registered products as needed.

Pratt Pest Management also uses the latest in Green Pest Management Bio-Remediation techniques, eliminating the fly’s food sources and the odors associated with them.

By addressing your fly problem from multiple levels we are able to make a significant improvement in your customer’s satisfaction, reduce health risks and improve your quality of life.