Cockroaches species captured in Amber deposits have changed little in 400 million years. Around the world cockroaches still rank as one of the most important pests plaguing mankind due to their ability to spread many disease pathogens as well as causing allergic reactions including asthma. Fortunately for us in the Pacific Northwest, Cockroaches are not a native species and therefore major infestations to residential homes are relatively rare. However Cockroach infestations to Commercial Food Handling establishments and Multi-Family Housing do occur regularly and should be taken seriously to avoid the spread of diseases and eliminate economic losses due to reduced customer confidence. Nearly all infestations encountered in our area are of the species Blattella germanica, The German Cockroach.

German cockroaches typically are introduced by common commodities such as food, packaging material and furniture brought into our homes and businesses. Once established Cockroaches reproduce and spread rapidly.

Pratt Pest Management Northwest has a proven track record of eliminating severe cockroach infestations from multi-unit housing, Restaurants, Food Processing Facilities, Storage Units as well as Residential Homes.

Our experienced and trained Pest Management Professionals utilize an effective Integrated Pest Management System that provides fast population reduction and safe long term elimination that includes protocols for measuring results.

As with all of our services Pratt Pest Management offers a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.