In Western Washington, these seemingly ubiquitous pests are voracious feeders upon ornamental and vegetable plants. Slugs especially, are nocturnal, hiding during the day under debris, mulch and low-growing plants. At night they come out and eat plants, consuming 30-40 times their weight every day.

Slugs and snails belong to the Mollusk family and are “related” to clams, oysters, squid, and octopus. Slugs and snails move along on a muscular “foot” secreting mucus and leaving a slime trail in their wake.

These creatures are unique in that they contain both female and male reproductive systems and propagate through cross-fertilization. Slugs are capable of producing 400 offspring yearly and can have a life span of up to two years.

There are many species of slugs and snails in our environment; some are native while others are imported evasive species. In short, the “black” slugs are imported and supposedly do the most damage to plants versus the “Banana Slugs” which are more yellowish in color and are native.

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Slugs and Snails, Oh My! in Everett WA and Snohomish

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