Mulch attracts termites to yards in Snohomish WA - Learn more from Western Exterminator, formerly Pratt PestTermites are attracted to sources of wood, and some species are attracted to moisture. Here in the Snohomish WA area, properties definitely provide both! Because termites are such a feared pest, it’s important to know what you can do to make your yard and property less appealing to them. An infestation can cause a lot of damage that is costly and frustrating to repair. Unfortunately, infestations often are not found until this level of damage has been done. To avoid that, it’s important to know what attracts termites to your property in the first place. Keep reading for tips from Pratt on how to keep the termites away from your yard.

What Attracts Termites to Your Property?

Everyone knows termites are attracted to wood, but each one has specific preferences that influence what structures they infest. The following list contains the main things that often attract termites to your property:

  1. Improper drainage or clogged gutters causing excess moisture and drainage problems
  2. Firewood or wood piles stored in or near your property
  3. Wooden foundations in direct contact with soil
  4. Airflow or ventilation issues causing excess humidity inside of a home
  5. Mulch or landscaping too close to the foundation of the property

How to Prevent Termites

In addition to limiting the presence of the above attractants, there are several other things you can do to prevent termites in your yard:

  • Be proactive about checking your home for pest problems
  • Fix broken roofs and seal gaps and crevices in the home
  • Keep a neat garden with trees and shrubs trimmed back
  • Regularly inspect porches, decks, and outdoor furniture

The best thing you can do to prevent termite problems is to invest in regular visits from a pest control company that can provide inspections and preventative services.

Long-term Termite Protection

Termites are a frightening pest. Once you have them, you certainly need the help of a termite exterminator to get rid of them. The team at Western Exterminator, formerly Pratt Pest knows how to keep termites away from your property all year long. Contact us today to learn more about how we can keep you termite-free.

How to Prevent Termites in Your Yard in Everett WA and Snohomish

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