Learn how to prevent pests in the garage in Washington - Western Exterminator, formerly Pratt PestWe all know that pests love to try to get inside our homes. However, there may be an even more suitable shelter for many types of pests: your garage! Whether you keep your holiday decorations stored away in the garage or your gardening tools, you likely want to avoid dealing with pests every time you have to rifle through your garage. Unfortunately, garages can be somewhat of a haven for pests considering the food, shelter, and water they can provide. In order to protect your garage from a potential infestation, it’s important to learn how to prevent pests from getting inside in the first place.

What Pest Problems Are Common in Garages?

Garages can provide pests the perfect shelter, especially in the colder winter months. The most common pests you’ll encounter in garages include:

  • Mice & Rats. Particularly in the winter, rodents will seek shelter in garages. They can easily build nests in storage boxes and wall voids or even sneak into your car.
  • Spiders. Arachnids are known to spin webs in boxes and in rarely-accessed corners. You can be sure to come across spiders when pulling out holiday decorations from your garage every year.
  • Silverfish. These tiny insects are especially fond of garages and cardboard boxes. Once they are in your garage, they can feed on a number of items: paper, glue, clothing, flour, and more. While mostly harmless, silverfish are nonetheless a nuisance.
  • Flies. Especially in the hot summer months, flies can be a major nuisance. House flies can be found resting on nearly any surface including on walls, floors, window sills, and other various objects found in the garage.

How to Keep Pests Outside Your Garage

Similarly as you would for your home, it’s crucial to eliminate pests’ access points and make the garage less inhabitable to them in general. This includes installing effective weather stripping, as well as sealing cracks and crevices with silicone-based caulk or steel wool (or both). Promptly fix any leaky pipes or moisture problems. Lastly, consider storing all goods in plastic containers with tight-fitting lids instead of cardboard boxes, and always store everything up off the ground.

Need Help Pest-Proofing Your Garage?

If you’ve done all you can to prevent pest problems in your property but still have problems, it’s best to consult your local pest control experts. The pros at Western Exterminator will work with you to ensure pests stay out of your garage for good.

How to Prevent Garage Pest Problems in Everett WA and Snohomish

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