Mousetrap in Everett WA home - Western Exterminator, formerly Pratt Pest provides tips on setting a mousetrap properlyMice infestations are any homeowner’s worst nightmare. In addition to being gross, rodents cause destruction and spread filth. Because they reproduce at such a rapid rate, it’s crucial to act quickly as soon as you notice a problem in your property. One of the most common ways to control an infestation is with a mousetrap. In order for them to work properly, it’s important to educate yourself on setting a mousetrap properly. Keep reading for expert tips from Western Exterminator, formerly Pratt Pest.

Which Mousetrap is Best?

Electronic, glue, and catch-and-release mousetraps are some of the most common types. All of these have a number of advantages and disadvantages with varying degrees of success. However, the most common—and likely the most popular—trap is the spring-loaded mousetrap. This classic design has been used for decades to catch mice, and is easier to set up than you may think. Still, there are several tips to keep in mind when setting a mousetrap in order for them to work effectively.

Expert Tips for Setting a Mousetrap

Mousetraps take more effort than setting and forgetting them. Some of the top tips for setting a mousetrap include:

  1. Using the best mousetrap bait
    1. Not all mice like cheese!
    2. You only need to use a small amount of bait that cannot be reached unless mice step on the trap. If they can swipe it without standing on the trap, they will!
  2. Starting with unloaded mousetraps
    1. Try setting traps out with bait (without loading them) for a couple of nights. This will trick mice into a false sense of security with the mousetraps.
  3. Setting more than one trap
    1. Always place more than one trap out—each two to three feet apart each—to have a better chance at catching as many mice as possible at once.
  4. Setting out mousetraps strategically
    1. Place mousetraps where mouse activity is common, including along walls and behind furniture, with the bait placed nearest to the wall.
  5. Checking the mousetraps on a regular basis
    1. Mice can, in some instances, grab bait without setting off the trap. They can also set the trap off without getting caught! Get in a habit of checking on the traps for efficiency.

Professional Mice Extermination

Mousetraps may work to lessen the population of rodents in your property. However, they aren’t always a long-lasting solution to a serious mouse infestation. If you’re noticing growing numbers of rodents in your property, it’s time to call the mice exterminators at Western Exterminator, formerly Pratt Pest. Our mice exterminators know how frustrating these tiny rodents can be and have the experience needed to get rid of them. For more tips on setting a mousetrap or to learn about our removal methods, call us today!

Fool-Proof Tips For Setting a Mousetrap in Everett WA and Snohomish

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