Cell phones, computers, robots, oh my! Had I been living in 1830, when Peter Cooper introduced the first locomotive, I would have been one of the skeptics who believed that technology would soon destroy civilization.  In 1981, my college roommate was playing with a crude personal computer he built from a kit that used a tape recorder for storing data. I thought it was silly and not worthy of my time.  In 1990, while attending a pest control convention, I chuckled at all my competitors running around with cell phones the size of bricks and I thought to myself, “Seriously?! Do these people really think they are that important?” 

I guess I’m slow to embrace new technology, but I eventually come around. Not necessarily because I want to, it’s more a necessity to stay competitive in the ever changing business climate.  Today, if you gave a twenty year-old new employee a paper form and a pen, they sort of look at you as if they were just time warped into the Middle Ages.   I wonder how long it will be until pest control technicians are all sitting at computers and directing nanorobots into customers’ homes in order to search and destroy carpenter ants and rats. Utilizing robots and drones to control vermin may be a decade or two away, but wireless devices that replace paper and pen is the technology of today and with some trepidation, it’s time for me to embrace it. However, don’t expect me to see me wearing Google goggles anytime soon!


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