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The ant exterminators at Western Exterminator, formerly Pratt Pest have been solving ant pest control issues since 1991. We are the experts in ant pest control services and will quickly eliminate ants, show you likely spots where ants are entering, and recommend actions you can take to ensure your home or business stays ant-free.

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Odorous house ants are a very common nuisance pest in homes and can contaminate food, however, carpenter ants are the most destructive pests in the Pacific Northwest. At Western Exterminator, formerly Pratt Pest, we believe it’s necessary to treat your property with ant pest control services on a quarterly basis to prevent potentially dangerous and destructive ants.

Ant exterminator and pest control in Everett WA and Mount Vernon WA - Western Exterminator, formerly Pratt Pest

The Dangers of Ant Infestations

An ant exterminator knows the damage that can occur from various species of ants. As annoying as they are, most ants are primarily a nuisance and cause little damage.

Several species, however, can be more destructive: pharaoh ants have been known to infest stored food, and carpenter ants can cause structural damage by weakening wood. A few of the reasons why carpenter ants are such a threat include:

  • They are highly social insects that maintain multiple nests inside and outside the home.
  • A mature colony may be extensive in size and consist of a main nest and additional satellite nests consisting of 10,000 or more workers.
  • They cause serious damage to structures by mining into wood to create nesting galleries.
Ant exterminator and pest control in Everett WA and Mount Vernon WA - Western Exterminator, formerly Pratt Pest

Preventing Ant Infestations

Preventing ants from finding food, shelter, and water is the easiest method of avoiding an ant invasion. Because ant removal can be difficult once you have an infestation, the best method of ant control is prevention. A few actions you can take to deter ants from your home include:

  • Eliminate their source of water by fixing leaky pipes and keeping moisture levels normal.
  • Limit their access to food by cleaning up spills, keeping food properly stored, and using lids on trash cans.
  • Block their entry points by ensuring your home is properly sealed and all cracks are filled.
  • Control ant populations outside your home by inspecting your property for signs of activity or large nests.

Professional Ant Exterminators

It can be really difficult to get rid of ants on your own. There are often multiple colonies in serious infestations, which can make eliminating these pests seem impossible without the proper training and tools.

Whether carpenter ants are invading your crawlspace or odorous house ants are covering your counters, it’s necessary to get professional help. Western Exterminator has the years of experience required to not only get rid of ants in your residential or commercial property, but also keep them from ever returning!

Ant Exterminators – Control – Removal in Everett WA and Snohomish

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