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November 2013

Winterize Your Lawn

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Your lawn is full of living organisms that need to be cared for all year round. In autumn, cool season grasses take in a majority of their annual nutrients to recover from stresses made by the harsh summer weather before entering dormancy in the winter. This is why fall is the most important time of the year to feed your lawn.

It is also important to test the pH level of your lawn in the fall for acidity and apply lime if needed. After a lime application, it will take up to two months for the lime to react with the soil and improve the pH of the soil. If a lawn continues with an abnormal pH level, it will eventually thin out and you will see a rising moss issue.

With our N-Viro all-inclusive lawn programs, your lawn is spoon fed seasonally adjusted recipes 4-6 times a year. Along with a healthy and fantastic looking lawn, you can also feel confident that your weeds, moss, diseases, and insects are under control too. Winterizing a lawn provides it with the necessary ingredients to develop a stronger and deeper root structure for upcoming spring growth. Strengthen and prevent your lawn from disease and other harmful conditions today by calling to schedule a free on-site evaluation. Visit for more information.

Giving Thanks

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untitledAs Thanksgiving approaches, gratitude is in the air. The Pratt Pest Management
team would like to extend a thank you for trusting us to provide the finest
pest control, lawn, and plant care services around! We are honored to have
customers so passionate about supporting local businesses and because of your
continued patronage; we continue to grow more and more each year. Furthermore,
we are grateful for the numerous referrals we receive almost daily from our
valued customers. We look forward to many pleasant interactions in the years to
come. We wish you a beautiful Thanksgiving and a joyous year’s end.