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June 2013

Featured Pest: Spiders

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What is more disturbing than walking through a spider web on your way out the door? This is the season when “Orb Weaver” spiders spin their webs on, around, and throughout our property. While they may be helpful, they are very high on the human fear factor. Not only will Pratt provide spider control, but web elimination as well by sweeping away all webs up to 25 feet high.

Did you know that spiders very seldom bite people? They do not drink blood and their venom is also their digestive juice. A single bite may consume all their venom which then takes up to a week to be replenished. During this time they cannot eat nor defend themselves. Not a good survival technique.

Mother’s Day 2013

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cirque-zuma-zuma-02Dana, Owner and President of Pratt Pest Management, treated the Pratt team and family members to an entertaining night at Cirque Zuma Zuma, located in Everett at the Comcast Arena. It was wonderful to watch the high energy show, which included cultural dancing and skillful acts.

Meet Roger!

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Small 2Roger Davis, our pest management professional, has been working in the
pest control industry for 11 years. He began his career in California in 2002.
In 2003, he moved to Washington and joined Pratt Pest Management for 5
years. In 2011, the Pratt team graciously welcomed Roger back, newly a father
of Mason, now 2 1/2 years old. Roger currently services residents
in the Stanwood Camano area and Skagit County. In Roger’s free
time, he enjoys hitting the beach to catch a good wave on his surfboard,
playing music on his guitar, and fishing!