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February 2013

How To Trap a Rat

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Rat TrapRats are afraid of new things. A trap placed in their path would be considered a new thing.

Here is a quick tip that will help you have better success with your rat problem:

Place the traps out for a few days but don’t set the trigger. Introduce food by putting some food on the trigger, but again don’t set it. When you notice that the rat is taking the food, re bait it and set the trap. It may take a few days longer than most people would prefer but trust us, your rat trapping success rate will increase and help you get rid of the rat.

A New Addition to Our Team

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We are proud to announce that Carl Inge-Jackson has been appointed as our N-Viro Plant Health Care Specialist. Originally from Denver, Carl attended Colorado State University with a major in Microbiology. Carl has gained experience with lawns and landscape by working in Colorado at Organo-Lawn for 5 years. Before Organo-Lawn, Carl worked for the Colorado Mosquito Control. Welcome to the team, Carl!


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