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January 2013

Visit Us In Marysville

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Drop by anytime and enjoy a cup of coffee while discussing any pest issues or questions you may have. Pratt is such a warm, friendly, and welcoming environment you will want to visit again!



8 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Excludes Some Holidays

1105 10th Street Marysville, WA 98270

Welcome Back Christie

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Pratt Pest Management is proud to announce the return of Christie Harrel to our office staff.

Christie worked as an administrative assistant for five years at Pratt before taking some time off to pursue her passion for volunteer theatre in the Mount Vernon area.

Christie has worked behind the scenes and appeared in several performances for the River Belle Dinner Theater such as Blithe Spirit, Hallelujah Girls, and A Christmas Carol. In the Stanwood area, she has performed with the Camwood Players in the Female version of The Odd Couple. Not only has she had the opportunity to perform live, but on camera as well! Christie participated in a short film named In Ink, with Yardarm Entertainment in Everett. When she isn’t busy in the spotlight or on camera, Christie enjoys singing with the Harmony Northwest Women’s A Capella Chorus in Mount Vernon or with the Broadway Babes in La Conner.

Before joining the Pratt team, Christie worked for Manpower Professional for 8 years as a Recruiter and an Administrative Assistant. Prior to that, she worked for Dean R. Shore Companies as an IT Manager and an Administrative Assistant for 17 years. With her ample experience and friendly attitude, it is a delight to have Christie here with us again.

“I am excited to be working at Pratt again!” –Christie

Featured Pest: Rodents

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Baby, it’s cold outside! Those rats and mice are cold and looking for a warm place to stay and that might just be your home. Rodents carry diseases, provide unsanitary conditions, and can cause serious damage to your home. If you notice feces, burrows or holes in or around your home, scratching, or damaged insulation in the crawlspace or attic, call Pratt Pest and we will have a technician at your door ASAP!