Crawl Space Sanitation

Some researchers have determined that up to 40% or more of the air in your home has passed through your crawl space!

If your crawl space area has experienced a rodent or nuisance wildlife infestation, has been flooded, or is simply dirty, then your quality of life may benefit from our Crawl Space Sanitation service.

The underneath of your house is not a pleasant place to be, so let our qualified professionals clean, deodorize, inspect and pest proof your crawl space. Ask your Pest Management Professional or call for a free no obligation estimate.

  • Remove rodent, pet or wildlife droppings.
  • Inspect for damage and pest entry points.
  • Exclude pest entry points.
  • Remove damaged vapor barrier.
  • Install new vapor barrier.
  • Treat for current and future pests.
  • Deodorize the area