What Our Clients Say

“We are very pleased with this pest control service and all the staff at Pratt Pest Management. From their quick response to email questions to prompt and professional on-site staff, they strive to provide quality service and advice specific to our needs at a reasonable price. We highly recommend Pratt Pest Management.”
-Sue in Camano

“They are an amazing company with a strong commitment to customer service and the resident experience. I am a landlord that used there services to help a tenant with an ant problem and they where helpful, efficient, quick to respond, and honest! You are making the right choice!”
-Joshua in Bellevue

“Pratt Pest Management had excellent customer service. They went above and beyond for us. I am completely happy and thrilled with them. I would recommend them to anyone.”
-Lori in Mount Vernon

“This was my first experience with Pratt Pest Management. I found them to be thorough. They went over and above when looking at the issues with my home, and I appreciated that. Pratt had reasonable pricing.”
-Penny in Woodinville

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