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Pratt Pest is a strong supporter of the community they have served for the past 25 years. As part of this effort, Pratt Pest will donate 10% of their new sales in October to the Susan G. Komen Foundation. Dana Pratt, president and founder of Pratt Pest, said “everyone here strongly believes in the efforts of Susan G. Komen. We can’t think of an organization more deserving of our support”.

This effort will also include the representation of the Susan G. Komen pink ribbon on all their trucks, uniforms, and even a large ribbon banner on the office building which faces I-5. Our Pest Elimination Experts will visit hundreds of homes all over the Puget Sound region. Dana says “we hope the pink ribbons on our trucks, uniforms, and office building, will help to raise awareness to the important issue of breast cancer”.  The donations are limited to sales from new customers so if you have not had Pratt Pest over to your house for a 10 point evaluation, now would be a good time to do it.

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We’ve taken an ecologically conscious approach to keeping these little neighbors away from buildings and property since 1991.  We called it “science” back then, but we’re supposed to call it “green” today.   It still comes down to the same thing – a careful and thorough approach to helping you co-exist with your smaller neighbors.

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